this page you will find a map of Okhotsk Sea [~~~~~] Antarktis   Latest diagram update: ... Click on the small maps to open larger sea ice map. The continental watershed between the Arctic Ocean and the Sea of Okhotsk is not far from two neighbouring rivers, the Yudoma and the Urak. Kazakhstan (east)   @, this is to avoid spam mails). vegetational base map was aligned with satellite pictures from Google Earth. Russia (Anadyr)   Here in 1639 the Russians first reached the Pacific Ocean. China (east)   google_ad_client = "pub-8785052088099251"; Primary production, microbial production and the density of planktonic microheterotrophs were estimated at 40 stations in the Okhotsk Sea in July-August 1992 during the seasonal phytoplankton minimum. Until the 1970s, fishermen and the public alike stayed out of the sea in winter. Drift Ice in the Sea of Okhotsk. In this region Russia has a border with China in the south, the name of the frontier river is Amur in Russian and Heilong Jiang (Heilongjiang) in Chinese. 1 Maps. numbers of inhabitants of the cities were taken from It is located between Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula on the east, the Kuril Islands on the southeast, Japan's island of Hokkaido on the south, the island of Sakhalin along the west, and a stretch of eastern Siberian coast along the west and north. with maps are linked. Indonesia (Sulawesi)   Indian Ocean [~~~~~]   Turkmenistan   U.S. Navy. South Korea   Map of the World was compiled by F. Welter-Schultes (Planet Poster Editions, In this region Russia has a border with China in the south, the name of the frontier river is Amur in Russian and Heilong Jiang (Heilongjiang) in Chinese. Qatar   Updated on 17 Jul. Carried by winds and currents, sea ice can reach the coast of Hokkaido, Japan. North Korea   Japan is country located in east Asia, in the Pacific Ocean and consists of numerous islands.. Shores of Japan are on the Sea of Japan, Sea of Okhotsk, Philippine Sea and the East China Sea. Presented is a spatial distribution of Temperature, Salinity, Oxygen, Nitrate, Ammonia Nitrogen, Organic Nitrogen, Phosphate, Organic Phosphate, and Silicate data from the Sea of Okhotsk during the 1990 - 1997 period for the months of June - August. Thailand   ... Ice Chart, Okhotsk Sea Region, July. 2020 Global Environment and Marine Department. A sudden, high-level eruption started at Raikoke volcano, Sea of Okhotsk, Kuril Islands, Russia at around 17:50 UTC on June 21, 2019. maps. on which the information contained in this map is based: The The sea ice formed here is carried south by the northwesterly winds and the East Sakhalin current that flows south along Sakhalin’s east coast, and eventually reaches the Okhotsk coast of Hokkaido. 1 : 1641836 Vandermaelen, Philippe, 1795-1869. This //--> Sea of Okhotsk. The sea ice on the Sea of Okhotsk is mainly formed to the north of Sakhalin, near the Eurasian continent. google_ad_format = "728x90_as"; Indonesia (east)   Ice Chart, Okhotsk Sea Region, July. Turkey   This is a map showing the location of the Sea of Okhotsk, with nation states listed. Maps for all. Commercial Map of the Sea of Okhotsk The Sea of Okhotsk is a marginal sea of the western Pacific Ocean . Bahrain   The historical Okhotsk people were related to the Nivkhs and possibly the Itelmens. Tajikistan   The sedimentary basins in this offshore region are the result of two regional shear systems. Iraq   An earthquake of magnitude 4.4 occurred only 12 minutes ago 48 km northeast of Makubetsu, Japan, NIED reported. See location map above. Map showing the sea of Okhotsk. Indonesia (Java)   Datum: 24. Brunei   Sri Lanka   This page in German / Diese Seite auf deutsch. Australien/Ozeanien   Also here you can find information on the geography of many countries: Okhotskoye More, 590,000 sq mi (1,528,100 sq km), northwest arm of the Pacific Ocean [2], W of the Kamchatka peninsula and the Kuril Islands [3]. google_ad_format = "728x90_as"; Filled and open circles indicate the tide gauge stations at which the available data length before 1994 is longer and shorter than 25 years, respectively. Okhotsk Sea [~~~~~]   Nepal   Discover the past of Bol'sheretsk on historical maps. Map of the Sea of Okhotsk The Okhotsk Coast is an informal name for the northwest coast of the Sea of Okhotsk. March 12, 2020. Russia (Yamal)   Map of Sea of Okhotsk - Sea of Okhotsk Map, History Location, Sea of Okhotsk Facts Sea of Okhotsk Positioned between the Kamchatka Peninsula, the Russian coastline, Sakhalin Island, the Japanese island of Hokkaido and the Kuril Islands, the Sea of Okhotsk is … Iran   - Landkarte von Ochotskisches Meer [~~~~~]. The Atlas presents integrated SGM interpretations of regional geology and individual basin structures. Sediment flows into the sea from the continent, primarily via the Amur … It is located at the east end of the Siberian River Routes on the Sea of Okhotsk where the Okhota and the Kukhtuy Rivers join to form a poor but usable harbor. Tibet   The In 1639 the Russians first reached the Pacific 105 kilometres (65 mi) … Sea of Okhotsk, Russian Okhotskoye More, or Ochotskoje More, northwestern arm of the Pacific Ocean, bounded on the west and north by the east coast of Asia from Cape Lazarev to the mouth of the Penzhina River, on the east and southeast by the Kamchatka Peninsula and the Kuril Islands, on the south by the northern coast of the Japanese island of Hokkaido, and on the southwest by Sakhalin … Kyrgyzstan   The Sea of Okhotsk covers an area of 1,583,000 square kilometres (611,000 sq mi), with a mean depth of 859 metres (2,818 ft) and a maximum depth of 3,372 metres (11,063 ft). Banda Sea [~~~~~]   Russia (Yakutsk)   the mountain peak altitudes were largely derived form The orange line in the large maps indicates the average monthly extension of sea ice … google_color_border = "FFFFFF";