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ANTI-BACTERIAL features proven by global leading organization

          PermaHealCA is an anti-bacterial textile using our exclusive Nano Zinc Technology, proven scientifically to eliminate bacterial growth of harmful bacteria, Staphylococcus and Klebsiella Pneumoniae, which cause odor, skin disease, sinus problems and allergies.

          Our anti-bacterial function was proven by (world’s leading certification body) SGS, receiving excellent results on both the following counts.

Quantitative Proven* (AATCC100) Bacteria Reduction Rate : Klebsiella >97.31% / Staphylococcus > 99.94%

Qualitative Proven** (AATCC147) No Bacteria Growth With 1.0 mm Zone Of Inhibition



* Refer to SGS Antibacterial Finishes on Textile Materials test report No.3073297 , No.3073296 on 2 Oct 2015                 ** Refer to THTI Antibacterial activity assessment on textile materials test report No. G(C)- 1489/58 on 10 Jun 2015


The only genuinely PERMANENT anti-bacterial textiles on market

          PermaHealCA’s permanent attributes come from mixing Nano Zinc Oxide in the base of polymer, forming the Nano Zinc staple fibers. This method makes Nano Zinc cooperate within the fibers and will not dilute, unlike the textile coating method.

          We are certified with quality certification of JIS(Japanese Industrial Standards) from QTEC(Japan-Textile Products Quality and Technology Center).


Beyond daily healthy life is HEALTHY ENVIRONMENTAL worldUntitled-2

          Because we care for our world as much as we care for your health. PermaHealCA is environmental friendly. Due to the Nano Zinc which bonds within the fibers, it will not dilute or contaminate water in all affected fibers & yarn production processes.  It can withstand Heavy duty usage and washes right up to temperatures of 300°C which is impossible for regular domestic usage. 


perma healca daily healthy Not only anti-bacterial but with other DAILYHEALTHY features


PermaHealCA is the latest functional health care fibers that help improve a life of vigorous health and well-being. The fibers main function is anti-bacterial which helps prevent the cause of odor, skin decease, sinus and allergies. Other health benefits consist of anti-UV to helps prevent skin problems and wicking to maintain skin moisture and comfort for daily health.