Perma Corporation Co., Ltd. is a part of JK Group, which has more than 40 years of experience in the textile industry in Thailand , was established in July 2016 with the aim of creating new value and innovation in the textile industry. Perma Corporation has developed PERMA™, a polyester fibre embedded with Nano Zinc Oxide that has a permanent and lasting antimicrobial effect, using our innovative technology. This fibre could also be made from recycled plastic bottles and still has the same permanent antimicrobial function. Moreover, Perma fibre has  the same properties as polyester fibre. PERMA™ is a unique, eco-friendly, value-added material that meets the needs of companies aiming to reduce their environmental impact and the needs of people looking for improving their quality of life. We will continue developing functional and high-quality products to meet the various needs of the market. 

Our CEO, Mr. Chaiyos Rungcharoenchai, is the third generation of his family which has been involved in the textile industry, and also served as a president of the Textile Association in Thailand from 2016 until September 2020. As PERMA, we are manufacturing products which are useful for society in consideration of global environmental issues, health and aging, and we do hope to contribute to a better society for the next generation. We also aim for further growth and development by creating new value and innovation for the textile industry.


PERMA CORPORATION is committed to corporate social responsibility for the global environment. We contribute to the creation of a safe and secure society in harmony with the natural environment through the responsible use of limited resources and the development of environmentally friendly products.


Corporate Social Responsibility to protect the global environment

Efficient use of resources, energy, and recycling

Develop new environmentally friendly
products that reduce the environmental burden

Creating a technology platform that
contributes to society

Developing and proposing products that contribute to the cultural improvement of life

Operating the business in harmony with the local environment and ensuring safety and health


PERMA CORPORATION was recognized for excellent textile innovation by the Asian Enterprise Institute which is an organization that supports new entrepreneurs in Asia, and also received the International Innovation Awards in 2017. In addition, the company won the Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards in 2018 and the Seven Innovation Awards in 2020. The company has been recognized as a textile producer that strives to improve its products and services in Thailand and throughout Asia. We will continue to work hard to achieve excellent quality which reach international standards, and as a company that operates in harmony with society and the natural environment.