Zinc (Zn) is a naturally occurring mineral that has been widely used in FDA approved antimicrobial ointments, sunscreens, and cosmetics since the 1940s.

Nano Zinc (also known as Zinc  nanoparticles) is 1,000 times thinner than human hair and has superior performance than normal Zinc.

Nano Zinc has been proven to be more effective than normal Zinc in resisting a broad range of microbes, blocking UV rays, and protecting and toning skin.

Perma Technology


Technology to coat fibre temporarily.

The antimicrobial coating comes off with every wash.

Perma Fiber vs Coating Fiber


Technology to extrude Nano zinc oxide evenly into the fibre

The Nano zinc oxide does not come off while washing and has no negative impact to the natural ecosystemorenvironment

Product Features

Perma Corporation Co., Ltd. (“Perma”) is an innovative Thai company that has developed a new type of fabric that uses “Nano zinc oxide” to inhibit the growth of bacteria.
Rather than the conventional technology of temporarily coating fibre, Perma has developed a special extrusion technique to embed Nano zinc oxide into the fibre.

Perma has been certified for antimicrobial activity values by the Thai Textile Institute ( THTI ), Intertek Testing Services, KAKEN, SGS, BOKEN and other trustworthy third-party testing and certification agencies.

Lasting antimicrobial property over the lifetime of the product

Our technology embeds Nano zinc at the molecular level into the fiber , so the Nano zinc does not come off even after multiple washing and remains effective in inhibiting the growth of bacteria over the lifetime of the product.

Reduces damp odors on fibre

With modern fibre production technology, Perma products are quick-drying and reduce odors caused by dampness.

Non-toxic and ensures the user's safety

Perma products, which have undergone rigorous research and development, contain Zinc nanoparticles that are guaranteed to meet international safety standards. It is harmless to the human body and guaranteed safety for the user.

UV-protection property

Using technology to embed Nano zinc into fiber, Perma products are able to protect the skin with UV protection function of over 40 UPF.


Nano zinc particles have been evenly and friendly embedded into fiber, allowing them to penetrate to the molecular level. As the Nano zinc cannot be removed during washing, it will not affect the natural ecosystem or the environment. Perma is the most environmentally friendly textile product available.

Certificate and Lab Test