Perma NanoZinc Product

Perma NonToxic Solution


Perma Nano Zinc Cytotoxicity proved, tested and certified as safety and Non – toxic product.

Perma products are cytotoxicity proved, tested and certified by THTI,  Intertek, Oeko Tek 



1. Design and develop product based on customer request.
2. Production planning up to goods delivery.
3. Better remove this point since safety and non-toxic is not a service .
4. Innovated product Development and Production process advice and assist by professional research and development team.
5. Providing Cytotoxicity proven products.
6. Exclusive Permanent anti- microbial nano zinc textile provider in Thailand.
7. Certified by ISO 13485 ( medical devices )
8. Total textile solution provider with four decades of experience in textile industry

Perma HealCA
Perma Nano Zinc

PERMA Innovation Product

Why we choose Perma Nano Zinc?

PERMA Nano ZInc Cer

Certificate by Various institutions Standard

Certified and approved by various institutions such as FDA, ISO, Intertek, Boken, SGS, THTI,  OEKO TEK Class 1

PERMA Nano ZInc Research

Research and Development together with Leading Universities

Perma innovation collaborated with leading universities for functional textile research and developments .

PERMA Nano ZInc ISO13485

Medical Devices ISO 13485 Certified

Perma Innovation has been granted ISO13485:2016 Quality System Certificate,
ISO 10993-5 Product passes in Vitro Cytotoxicity Test.
and ISO10993-10 Product passes the test and confirmed to be free of skin irritants.

PERMA Nano ZInc Connect

Textile Bussiness local and International Partners

We are professional textile innovators in textile industry together with professional local and international partners.

Perma Experience

More than 40 year experience in textile industry

Perma corporation with four decades experience .
World wide export standard quality products.


Certificate & LabTest

Perma Candida Test
Perma Test UV-Protection